Bronze Seminar Course

Lecture 5. Planning, support, management and evaluation


To be effective we have to begin every project with careful planning, follow through with good management at all times, and evaluate what we accomplish.

Projects to conserve intact sculptures may fit a general structure, from planning and support to management, reporting and evaluation.

 I. Plan and support the project  

A.Investigate the sculpture/monument
  1. Identify
2. Survey and assess
 i. Determine access
ii. Research original structure, fabrication and finish
iii.Document observed strucuture and finish
iv. Research and document local environmental and cultural factors

B. Develope project plans and support
  1. Prepare plan in written and spoken forms
2. Present the plan for approval and support

 II. Manage the project  

Every effective effort or project is managed according to a plan.

A. Budget for and obtain resources

B. Organize and carry out field operations

C. Report and evaluate the project