Bronze Seminar Course

Lecture 2. Bronze and the environment

 I. Introduction - Bronze and the environment  
  A. What do we really need to know here?
B. Bronzes corrode in the environment and it's our job to stop them. I'm going to show you how the environment interacts with bronze (and copper). 
 II. Defining terms  

A. Let's start by falling back on the oldest crutch for lecturers - defining terms: Bronze-: environment

  a) Pure air
b) Moisture
c) Air pollution
d) Acid rain
e) Human and animal agencies
f) Environmental types
g) Corrosion

B. A bronze in the environment

III. What's happening?  
IV. Electrochemical nature of corrosion  
V. Corrosion of high-tin alloys  
VI. Cross-sections  
VII. Corrosion rates  
VIII. Pollutants  
IX. Questions of dry deposition and corrosion: time of wetness, dissolved species, runoff studies  
X. How to stop corrosion?  

A. Corrosion requires

  1. Active substrate
2. Oxygen
3. Pollutants
4. Water - moisture

B. An Example of the Efficacy of Surface Coatings

 XI. Conclusion