2005 Bronze Seminar

Greetings, and thanks for your interest in our 2005 seminar, "Introduction to the Conservation of Outdoor Bronze Sculpture," scheduled for early August 2005. We now have the updated course description, and have set the 2005 dates, location and fees.

Dates: August 1-5, and August 8-12, 2005. New York City, USA

Instructors: John Scott & W. Thomas Chase, Conservators, with others to be announced
Registration for the first week (Lectures, field studies and short field exercise) will be open until July 29. Registration for the second week (Applied field exercise) is open to those who will have already completed the first, and closes July 1.

Registrants are responsible for arranging and funding their own travel, room and board. The Foundation provides a group lunch every seminar days each week.

Accepted registrants will receive from us and must give releases of liability and of rights over photo and written documentation.

As in 2004, registration fees are USD $800 per week, for each of the seminar's two weeks.

We strongly recommend registering well in advance of the deadlines.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

John Scott, Conservator of Sculpture, seminar leader
NYConsnFdn@aol.com +212 714 0620 in New York


Course description:

"The Bronze Seminar:" an Introduction to the Conservation of Outdoor Bronzes

Worldwide interest and activity in the preservation of outdoor sculpture has been increasing since around 1970. There is still great need for conservation of outdoor bronzes, and a relatively small number of trained conservators.

To help address this need, since 1994 the New York Conservation Foundation (NYCF) has been continually developing a short summer course and conducting it annually in New York City and sometimes partly at Princeton University.

The NYCF Introduction to the Conservation of Outdoor Bronze Sculpture is designed as an introduction to current understanding in the nature and conservation of outdoor bronze sculpture. We structure the curriculum to guide beginners, to broaden historical and technical knowledge for beginners and experienced alike, and to encourage all seminar participants to develop balanced appreciation of relevant aesthetics, cultural significance, and conservation principles and practice.

Not every theme pertinent to the care of outdoor bronze sculpture can be covered. We present a core of current knowledge within related contexts, and we include specific cases and practical exercises. Our main topics:

· Appreciation for history, technology, aesthetics and cultural significance of sculpture and monuments, with an overview of bronze from earliest times to present

· Bronze metallurgy and the elements of bronze sculpture production from design to finished sculpture

· Environmental and design factors in deterioration, stabilization and protection

· Methods and results of traditional and modern practices

· Survey and recognition of condition and prior treatment

· Project development, administration, and documentation, including planning and logistics for field operations

· Use of accessible resources to enhance capability

We have found a two-week format very effective. During the first week, we spend four half days in field tours studying local bronze sculptures. On these days we also share at least three presentation/discussions, from two seminar leaders and from at least one participant. Each registrant will present a short informal report in oral or written form during the seminar. When meeting in New York City, each year during the first week we document condition and renew maintenance of the same two small bronze sculptures, in a full-day practical exercise. The second week brings a hands-on field exercise conserving one or more larger outdoor bronzes.

Seminar costs are met from modest registration fees and from grants, and owners of sculptures conserved during the exercises often help support the seminars. Seminar registrants provide their own travel, food and lodging.

We are still improving what may be the world's only continuing, accessible and integrated short training on conservation of outdoor bronze.

NYCF NYC, USA February 28, 2005